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by John Fiorillo


Enjaku: An Osaka Master of the Deluxe Print during the Transition to the Final Period. Andon (special issue), Society for Japanese Arts, 2006; 133 pp. (John Fiorillo & Hendrick Lühl)

Journal Articles

Printing rhythm and sound: Hanga and music in Onchi Kôshirô's Lyrique No. 2. (John Fiorillo). Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 2016, no. 102; 69-87.
Koban nishiki-e: Rare small-format colour prints from Osaka. (John Fiorillo & Peter Ujlaki). Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 2014, no. 96; 5-36.
The Beauty of Cruelty: The Origins of Danshichi and His Evolution as a Tattooed Anti-hero in Natsu matsuri. Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 2009, no. 87; 27-43.
Ireki and the Marketing of an Artist. Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 2007, no. 81; 66-72.
Ryûsai Shigeharu: 'Quick Change' Dances in the Utaemon Tradition. (John Fiorillo & Peter Ujlaki). Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 2002, nos. 72-73, 115-135.
Eizan: Putting on a New Face — A Mirror of Fûryû, Asobi, and Iki. Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 2002, no. 71; 5-24.
An Electron Transmission Analysis of Metallic Particles on Nineteenth Century Japanese Woodblock Prints. (John Fiorillo, Richard Hashimoto, and Sarath Menon) Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 2000, no. 65; 5-17.
Refashioning the Legends of Komachi in 'Mitate-e'. Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 1999, no. 63; 17-30.
Drama in the Surimono-style Prints of Hokuei. Impressions, Ukiyo-e Society of America, 1998; no.20; 61-77.
Hirosada: Prints and Drawings for the Tale of Usuyuki and 'Chûkô buyuden'. Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 1998, no. 59; 3-23.
A Rare Surimono by Shôkôsai and Its Place Among Early Osaka Actor Portraits. Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 1997, no. 57; 21-37.
Tragedy and Laughter in the Floating World: 'Shinjû' in the Works of Utamaro and Kyôden. Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 1996, no. 54; 3-23.
Poetry, Emotion, and Form in Utamaro's 'Tôsei koika hakkei'. Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 1995, no. 52; 5-17.

Encyclopedia Entries

The Hotei Encyclopedia of Japanese Woodblock Prints. Hotei Publishing/Amsterdam, 2005, (contributed more than 100 entries in Vol. 2, Reference Section)

Edited Works

Special memorial issue in honor of Matsudaira Susumu, featuring kamigata-e (prints from the Kyoto-Osaka region). Andon, Society for Japanese Arts & Heinz Kaempfer Fund, 2002, nos. 72-73; 135pp. (John Fiorillo, guest editor; Peter Ujlaki, co-editor)

Conference Presentations

Analysis of Metallic Pigments Used in Nineteenth Century Japanese Prints. (Richard Hashimoto, Sarath Menon, and John Fiorillo) Presented by Sarath Menon before the Microscopy Society of America, August 3, 1999, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon.

Lecture Presentations

The Aesthetics of Sôsaku Hanga: Alternative Ideologies and Innovative Techniques. Presented at the symposium "Textures of Influence," University of Maryland University College, March 27, 2003, Washington, DC.
Utamaro's Syntax of Affection for Tragic Lovers: Applying Gesture and Psychology to the Characters of the Shinjû-mono. Presented before the Ukiyo-e Society of America, November 14, 1999, New York.

Bulletin Articles

Utamaro's Syntax of Affection for Tragic Lovers. Ukiyo-e Society of America Bulletin, Spring 2000, pp. 1-8.

Museum Lecture Tours

Drama from Kabuki. May 25, June 4, and June 11, 2000. Three lecture tours of an exhibition of Japanese prints at the University Art Museum, Berkeley, with each lecture designed to complement a film shown after the tour: 'The Written Face' (Schmid, 1995); 'Sharaku' (Shinoda, 1995), and 'Chûshingura' (Inagaki, 1962).

Book Reviews

Chûshingura and the Floating World: The Representation of Kanadehon Chûshingura in Ukiyo-e Prints. David Bell. Reviewed in Asian Studies Review, 2003, vol. 27, no. 1; 109-111.
Hokusai and Hiroshige: Great Japanese Prints from the James A. Michener Collection, Honolulu Academy of Arts. Catalog entries by Yoko Woodson; essays by Julia White, Reiko Mochinaga Brandon, and Yoko Woodson. Reviewed in Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 1999, no. 62; 29-33.
The Passionate Art of Utamaro. Shûgô Asano and Timothy Clark. Reviewed in Andon, Society for Japanese Arts, 1996, no. 54; 28-33.

Web Designs A website for the sale and scholarly presentation of woodblock prints from the Osaka-Kyoto region (Kamigata). Selections from an extensive inventory are illustrated and discussed. We also offer informative articles covering aspects of Japanese printmaking that have been overlooked in the standard literature. In addition, a detailed Glossary, Biographies of the artists, and a Bibliography are included.
Viewing Japanese Prints. A website devoted to introductory, illustrated essays on Japanese prints (ukiyo-e, sosaku hanga, shin hanga, and modern Japanese prints).


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