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Viewing Japanese Prints

Illustrated introductory essays on the artists, designs, and techniques of traditional and modern Japaese prints

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  • Text or Keyword Search. Type in a word or phrase and then click on the magnifying glass icon (or press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard). All instances of your search words will be listed as active links.
    • For an exact text search, place your search terms within quotation marks.
    • Each search request will display 10 maximum matches per page, along with cropped thumbnails of images from the relevant pages. To view additional search results, click on the numbers below each list.
    • NOTE: The search is sensitive to diacritical marks over long vowels in Japanese words. Thus, results will differ between, for example, ôban versus oban, i.e., the diacritical mark over the ô in the first spelling will affect the search results.

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Viewing Japanese Prints
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