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Recommended Websites on Japanese Prints

Osaka, Edo, Modern, & Contemporary Prints, Paintings, Drawings, Books

Peter Ujlaki and John Fiorillo's website specializes in original eighteenth-century
to twentieth-century Japanese woodblock prints from Osaka and the surrounding region.
They also offer nineteenth-century Edo prints and modern/contemporary art works
from Osaka/Kyoto, Tokyo, and other areas of Japan and the world.

The detailed information pages about the art works
on the following site were written by John Fiorillo:


Discussion Sites

Hans Olof Johansson offers a very good discussion site:
Ukiyo Q & A


Japanese Woodblock Print Search

Large searchable database with more than 223,000 prints
(This count includes duplicate designs in alternate impressions):


Technical Information

Dave Bull's excellent site on the technical aspects of
printmaking should not be missed:
Woodblock Printmaking


Japanese Art Societies

Japanese Art Society of America in New York:
Japanese Art Society of America

Society for Japanese Arts in the Netherlands:
Society for Japanese Arts


Art Conservation

Collectors, curators, and scholars must inevitably confront issues of
art conservation while caring for Japanese prints. The
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
is a good place to search for expert advice:
American Institute of Conservation



Art Institute of Chicago
Database with nearly 300,000 objects including many superb Japanese prints:
Art Institute of Chicago (Collections Search)

British Museum
Database with about 4.5 million objects, including some fine Japanese prints:
British Museum (Collections Search)

Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsuburg
Database with more than 32,000 images with some choice Japanese prints:
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (Collections Search)

Edo/Tokyo Digital Museum
Database of Edo/Tokyo-related documents:
Tokyo Metropolitan Library (Collections Search)

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Database with more than 80,000 images with many Japanese prints:
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (Collections Search)

Honolulu Museum of Art
Over 12,000 prints spanning more than 400 years, including the Michener Collection
and Richard Lane Edo-period woodblock-printed book collection and paintings:
Honolulu Museum of Art (Collections Search)

Ikeda Library Collection (Hankyu Cultural Archives)
Great collection of prints, but requires Japanese-language search terms:
Ikeda Library (Collections Search)

Metropolitan Museum of Art
A small but choice collection of Japanese prints:
Metropolitan Museum of Art (Collections Search)

Minneapolis Museum of Art
A small but choice collection of Japanese prints:
Minneapolis Museum of Art (Collections Search)

Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Holds nearly 500,000 art works, including the collection of William Sturgis Bigelow:
MFA Boston (Collections Search)

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Type "Japanese prints" in the Search field:
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Collections Search)

Portland Museum of Art
Over 18,000 art works, including Japanese prints:
Portland Museum of Art (Collections Search)

Tokyo Metropolitan Library
Database of more than 13,000 works (accessed through the "Ukiyo-e Search" website):
Tokyo Metropolitan Library (Collections Search)

Victoria & Albert Museum
Database of more than 1,200,000 objects and 840,000 images, including Japanese prints:
Victoria & Albert Museum (Collections Search)

Waseda University (Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum)
Collection of around 47,000 ukiyo-e prints, but requires Japanese-language search terms:
Japanese Page (Collections Search)
English Page (Waseda University (Collections Search)


Other Sites on Japanese Prints

Some of these websites are managed by dealers or auction companies. Their listing
here is in no way intended as an endorsement of their commercial activites. Articles, Varia, Archives, Bios, Glossary, Bibliography Artist Signature database
Kabuki for Everyone: Information and video clips
Kabuki 21: Information on kabuki
Japanese Woodblock Print Search: Database
Sadamasu: Catalog raisonne
Shô Articles

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